الجمعة، 31 يوليو 2015


The European aerospace giant Airbus has filed patents for a new supersonic jet that bears a strong resemblance to Concorde.
Dubbed the 'son of Concorde', it would be capable of reaching four times the speed of sound - or 2,500 mph.
That means a flight from London to New York would take just one hour - roughly the same as a train journey from London to Brighton in Sussex.
Airbus says the new aircraft would primarily be for "business travel and VIP passengers, who require transcontinental return journeys within one day”.
It also foresees the military using it for strategic reconnaissance and "ultra-rapid transport of high added-value goods or elite commandos".
Documents lodged with the US Patent Office describe Concorde mark 2 as an "ultra-rapid air vehicle".
It would take off almost vertically, like a Space Shuttle, and cruise at more than 100,000ft, carrying 20 passengers for distances of up to 5,500 miles.
The aircraft would re-enter normal air space as it approached its destination before landing.
The original Concorde was built by Airbus' forerunner Aerospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation.
It flew at 1,350mph - more than twice the speed of sound - at an altitude of 60,000ft and carried up to 120 passengers.
The first flight took place in 1976 and it was withdrawn from service in 2003 after a crash in Paris three years earlier.
One of the problems with the original Concorde was the amount of noise it made when breaking the sound barrier.
This led to it being banned from flying over land by many countries and restricted its operations.
But Airbus says the new craft's aerodynamics will limit sonic boom and make it more acceptable.
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الخميس، 30 يوليو 2015


US-led airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have killed at least 459 civilians in the last year, according to a report.
The report by Airwars said it believed 57 strikes killed civilians and caused 48 suspected "friendly fire" deaths.
Those same airstrikes are said to have killed more than 15,000 IS militants.
The report said: "Almost all claims of non-combatant deaths from alleged coalition strikes emerge within 24 hours - with graphic images of reported victims often widely disseminated.
"In this context, the present coalition policy of downplaying or denying all claims of non-combatant fatalities makes little sense, and risks handing (the) Islamic State and other forces a powerful propaganda tool."
The US began airstrikes against IS in Iraq on 8 August last year, and in Syria on 23 September.
A coalition of countries has since joined the operations which have seen more than 5,800 airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.
The US has only acknowledged killing two civilians in its airstrikes - two children who died during a strike against al Qaeda-linked militants in Syria in 2014.
That airstrike is the subject of one of at least four ongoing investigations by the US military into allegations of civilian casualties.
US Army Colonel Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the coalition, said: "There is no other military in the world that works as hard as we do to be precise.
"When an allegation of civilian casualties caused by coalition forces is determined to be credible, we investigate it fully and strive to learn from it so as to avoid recurrence."
Four investigations into alleged civilian casualties have been completed by US Central Command. Three were judged to be unfounded, while the fourth found two innocent civilians were killed and two other people wounded.
Six investigations are still ongoing.
Airways - a project aimed at tracking international airstrikes against extremists - said it identified the 57 strikes through reporting from "two or more generally credible sources, often with biographical, photographic or video evidence".
It comes after Britain announced it would be extending airstrikes by RAF Tornados for another year.
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الأربعاء، 29 يوليو 2015


Super Typhoon Soudelor is barrelling towards Taiwan, Japan and China after leaving a trail of destruction in the Northern Marianas islands.
The cyclone has developed into the world's most powerful storm of the year with wind gusts up to 220mph (354kph) that have ripped down telegraph poles and flipped over cars.
A state of emergency has been declared on the islands where hundreds of residents are sheltering in temporary accommodation after the storm tore roofs off homes and caused power cuts.
"I've seen multiple primary power poles down; I've seen cars flipped over the road; I've seen lots of torn roofs," John Hirsh, from the American Red Cross in Saipan, told Pacific Daily News.
According to the National Weather Service, Saipan was hit by waves up to 30ft (nine metres) high.
Saipan resident Jacquelyn Belk said: "The wind busted out my bedroom window and flooded the room. I was terrified that my shutters would break my sliding doors.
"I saw power lines down everywhere and trees blocking roads. Driving around was like a maze just trying to weave around fallen trees."
Food, water and other supplies are being sent to Saipan from Hawaii and Guam together with cots and generators.
Soudelor is forecast to surge west-northwest over the western Pacific Ocean during the next few days where it is expected to weaken before hitting Taiwan at the weekend.
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الثلاثاء، 28 يوليو 2015


Robert Downey Jr has been revealed as the world's top-earning actor by Forbes, in a list that also features some of Bollywood's top names for the first time.
The Iron Man star, 50, earned an estimated $80m (£51m) in the past year, helped by the success of his superhero film Avengers: Age of Ultron, which saw box office success to the tune of more than $1.3bn worldwide.
Chinese actor and martial arts veteran Jackie Chan grabbed second place, earning around $50m from films including Dragon Blade and its associated merchandise.
The 61-year-old Chan beat Hollywood's Vin Diesel, who took third place with $47m, helped by his stake in the Fast and Furious series.
Bradley Cooper, Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise were all not far behind.
But the new names on the list came from the growing cinematic powerhouse of Bollywood, where Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan both tying for seventh place.
Bachchan, 72, and Khan, 49, earned $33.5m each.
Akshay Kumar, 47, came in at number nine with $32.5m.
Forbes' list of the most highly-paid actresses will be released later in the year.
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الاثنين، 27 يوليو 2015


Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, the once inseparable Muppets couple whose love seemed eternal in a jaded world of celebrity break-ups, have announced they have split.
After more than three decades together, the pair dropped the bombshell during a Television Critics Association (TCA) event in Los Angeles while plugging their forthcoming ABC mockumentary series.
Kermit said: "Piggy and I have gone our separate ways, romantically."
Miss Piggy wrote on Facebook: "After careful thought, thoughtful consideration and considerable squabbling, we have made the difficult decision to terminate our romantic relationship.
"We will continue to work together on television."
She added: "Our personal lives are now distinct and separate, and we will be seeing other people, pigs, frogs, et al.
"This is our only comment on this private matter...unless we get the right offer. Thank you for your understanding."
Miss Piggy first announced the pair were engaged to be married in 1979, but they apparently never officially tied the knot.
Kermit is now said to be already dating another pig named Denise, who works in marketing.
Miss Piggy put a brave face on the break-up on Tuesday.
The porcine diva told the audience at the TCAs: "Dating moi is like flying close to the sun.
"It was inevitable that Kermit would drop down to the ground while I stayed in the heavens."
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الأحد، 26 يوليو 2015


Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan was stopped by security as he tried to board a plane at a US airport with a knife.
Brosnan, 62, was stopped by US Transportation Security Administration agents with the blade, reportedly a ten-inch hunting knife, in his hand luggage.
The actor was allowed to continue his journey through Burlington International Airport in Vermont after the issue was resolved, said Lieutenant Shawn Burke.
In footage showing the incident on Sunday, Brosnan, who starred in four Bond films, is seen removing his belt in the security area and speaking to staff.
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السبت، 25 يوليو 2015


A police report described the death as a drowning, but authorities are still investigating what happened.
A weekend memorial service for the 22-year-old was interrupted by the airing of a long-standing rift between the families of her parents.
Bobbi Kristina's father is R&B singer Bobby Brown.
An image of Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, lying in her casket has reportedly been sold for a six-figure sum.
TMZ claims the picture was auctioned off for more than $100,000 (£64,000) and was taken when family viewed her body the day before her funeral.
The showbiz website does not say which media outlet has allegedly bought the photograph.
The 22-year-old suffered irreversible brain damage after being found face-down in a bathtub in her Georgia home six months ago.
She had been in a medically-induced coma, but died last week and wasburied next to her mother on Monday.
A police report described the death as a drowning, but authorities are still investigating what happened.
A weekend memorial service for the 22-year-old was interrupted by the airing of a long-standing rift between the families of her parents.
Bobbi Kristina's father is R&B singer Bobby Brown.
The families are now blaming each other for the picture, despite measures being taken to stop such a thing happening, claim TMZ sources.
Bobbi Kristina's death was eerily similar to the way her mother died.
In 2012, Whitney Houston's body was found face-down in a foot of water in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
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A school security officer and a county sheriff's office have been sued for putting two Kentucky elementary school children in handcuffs.
The eight-year-old boy and nine-year-old girl, both of whom have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), had the handcuffs put around their biceps, with their arms locked behind them.
Distressing video footage shows the little boy crying and struggling as he sits on a chair.
In the video, which was captured by a school administrator, school resource officer Kevin Sumner tells the boy: "You don't get to swing at me like that. You can do what we've asked you to, or you can suffer the consequences."
The federal lawsuit claims the boy - who is 3ft 6ins tall and weighs 52lbs - was removed from class because he was not following the teacher's directions.
The boy then tried to leave the principal's office, but was physically restrained by school administrators until Mr Sumner arrived to escort him to the bathroom.
On the way back from the bathroom, he tried to hit Mr Sumner with his elbow, according to a report from the Kenton County Sheriff's office, and was then handcuffed.
The girl, who weighed 56lbs, was sent to an isolation room at her school last August for being disruptive.
School officials asked Mr Sumner to help after the girl tried to leave the room and was restrained by the principal and vice principal.
A report from the sheriff's office said Mr Sumner put the girl in handcuffs because she was "attempting to injure school staff".
The lawsuit claims the girl suffered "a severe mental health crisis" and Mr Sumner called for a "medical crisis team". She was taken to a hospital by ambulance for a psychiatric assessment and treatment.
Kentucky state regulations ban schools from physically restraining students that are known to have conditions like ADHD.
The lawsuit states that officials at both schools were aware of the students' ADHD, which is characterised by "impulsivity, difficulty paying attention, complying with directives, controlling emotions and remaining seated".
Susan Mizner, disability counsel for the American Civil Liberties Unionwhich released the video, said: "Shackling children is not okay.
"It is traumatising, and in this case it is also illegal."
Robert Sanders, a lawyer for Mr Sumner, said he put the children in handcuffs because "they were placing themselves and other people in danger of harm and that's what the book says to do".
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You will have merely obtained a situation in the skill digital SLR camera, or perhaps you will have held one particular to get a short period of time and also sense slightly not comfortable with the multitude of regulates and also options that will promote themselves to you personally. Toy may have been additionally a newbie within the education pictures in any case. It is known that will pictures is probably the most challenging and also disturbing hobbies and interests. It can be the most pricey also. So it will be crucial that you understand the tools inside your palms carefully just before carrying out other things. Today when I say carefully, I actually may suggest realizing concerning almost every environment detailed, but some of us wonder what I really do suggest will be realizing what you are carrying out while you are aiming that will factor from what you may are usually aiming that from.

First Step : check out the particular digicam.

Take a seat anywhere calm also to consider it. Change it over in the hands evaluating every single aspect in the digicam so that you will get an notion of just where regulates are usually : certainly not what they do, yet just where these are situated on the digicam physique. Consider concerns. "Where will be the on/off swap? inches "Where will be the shutter discharge? inches "Does the particular LDC critique display turn out there? inches Learn the location where the battery power inner compartment will be, and also track down the location where the storage device will be put. Read the contact lens and also recognize the particular auto/manual emphasis function swap. Does the contact lens have got graphic stabilization? All these concerns may possibly noise pretty basic however are crucial to acquire knowledgeable about your current picture taking partner.

Next Phase - Read the particular Handbook.

Me certainly not expressing browse the handbook coming from protect to protect just before seeking to end up being analyzed in it is items! Your current digicam handbook even though is actually a beneficial thing that ought to be taken anywhere your current digicam should go. It is just a guide publication. The one that assists you to away from difficulty inside the industry once you consider, "Now how can you accomplish that once more? inches I actually bring my very own within my digicam carrier at all times with zero make a difference how much time I possess got the particular digicam, or perhaps simply how much I do believe I am aware, I actually continue to locate our|healthcare professional|personal|my own, personal|search terms|my own , personal|medical professional|published|health care provider|my business|all of my|of my|excellent|my own personal|keyword phrases|a|offered|economical|day-to-day|web page} do it yourself talking about that.
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The Government has disposed of roughly 5.4% of its stake in Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for £2.1bn - a loss of around £1bn to taxpayers.
Monday's sale of 333,000 shares at 330p each is far short of the average 'in-price' of 502p paid by the Government went it bailed out the bank during the financial crisis.
The taxpayer lost £1.72 on every share sold, resulting in a total loss of £1,084m on its investment in RBS.
Chancellor George Osborne has argued that the bank was never bailed out with the idea of making a profit but was instead bailed out to safeguard the UK's financial security, he is therefore no longer prepared to wait for the shares to recover to what was paid for them.
City minister Harriet Baldwin defended the share sale, telling Sky News the bailout of RBS was "never an investment in the traditional sense".
"In terms of moving forward, clearly the governor of the Bank of England has advised that for the wider British economy it is really important that we start returning the bank to the private sector," she said.
"This is the start of a long process. As with the shareholding we have been selling in Lloyds over the course of the last few years this is the beginning of a process that will take some time."
The overall size of HM Treasury's economic interest in RBS has been reduced from approximately 78.3% to approximately 72.9%.
Speaking to Sky News on Monday, Chris Leslie, the shadow chancellor,urged the Government not to sell at a loss, arguing it was not "an impossible objective" to recoup the £45bn investment.
"Why this rush to sell when the share price is so far below that paid at the time of the rescue? RBS had to be bailed out urgently, but it doesn’t have to be sold off at the same speed," he said.
Global banks Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS orchestrated the share sale but have each been instructed by UK Financial Investments Limited (UKFI)  and HM Treasury not to sell further RBS shares for at least 90 days without prior written consent from a majority of the other selling banks.  
In a report Osborne commissioned from Rothschild, the investment bank, his advisers concluded that disposing of the taxpayer's entire stake in the bank would crystallise a £7bn loss if fees paid to the Treasury since 2008 were taken into account.
Speaking at the Treasury Select Committee last month Osborne said: "there is an argument that by starting to sell now you might create more of a market for RBS shares and lift the price, but I am not banking on it". 
The Government also announced a further disposal of Lloyds shares on Monday which lowers its stake to 13.99%.
Unlike RBS, the taxpayer would make a £1.9bn profit from its Lloyds intervention assuming it would be able to offload its remaining stake at current market prices.
In early morning trading RBS shares were 0.5% lower at 336p.
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Sunday trading on UK high streets could be extended under new Government proposals.
The plans give local authority chiefs the power to relax Sunday trading laws in targeted areas, to selectively boost economic growth.
Current rules limit shops with over 280 sq m (3,000 sq ft) floor space to six hours of opening time on a Sunday.
Ministers are reportedly writing to the Church of England urging it not to oppose the measures.
They argue it could be worth up to £1.4bn a year to the economy while ensuring high streets remain the "heartbeat of our communities".
The plans have been set out in a government consultation paper.
Authorities will decide whether to apply the new conditions throughout their area or limit them to specific zones where they want to encourage business.
Potentially, it could mean councils allowing longer Sunday trading in traditional high streets while excluding out-of-town supermarkets.
Communities minister Brandon Lewis said: "This Government is determined to devolve powers previously held in Whitehall to local people.
"We have already taken a range of measures to boost the Great British high street and now we are giving local areas another tool to encourage shoppers to the town centre and get shops to grow and thrive."
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Fox News has named the top 10 Republican candidates who will take to the stage for the first primetime debate of the 2016 presidential race.
As expected, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are in the top tier of candidates for the showdown this Thursday at 9pm in Cleveland, Ohio.
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are also on the list.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Ohio Governor John Kasich were the final two to squeak through to the main stage.
The top 10 were chosen according to their ranking in five national opinion polls on Tuesday.
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal were among those left out in the cold.
Senator Lindsey Graham, former business executive Carly Fiorina and former New York Governor George Pataki also failed to make the cut.
They have instead been relegated to a forum four hours before the main event, which pundits are dismissively calling the "kids' stage".
Mr Trump, who is leading the race for the Republican nomination out of a crowded field of 17 candidates, is expected to take centre stage.
The brash billionaire has been soaring in the polls since declaring his candidacy in June, despite courting controversy with a stream of invective aimed at everyone from his fellow Republican rivals to Mexican immigrants.
The real estate baron seems to have connected with conservative Republican voters disenchanted with his mainstream rivals.
Mr Trump and two other Republicans were absent from the stage in New Hampshire on Monday night when the rest of the candidates took part in a forum.
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton's path to her party's nomination seems to have suddenly lost its lustre of inevitability.
Fifteen months out from the election, the race has been shaken up by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist.
The former Secretary of State's perceived vulnerability has stoked speculation in recent days that Vice President Joe Biden may enter the Democratic contest.
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